Scratching new material from The Fatherhood Project at Scratch That Itch Night in Derby

We were part of an exciting night of new work at the Derby theatre, scratching some new material alongside other associates of In Good Company.

After Tobacco Factory Theatres in Bristol and Maia Creative Nights in Birmingham, we scratched new material from our project in development The Fatherhood Project.

Here are some feedbacks from the audience:

Loved it! Loved the hoover stuff! Very true to my experience and being a new family.

Really interesting seeing the subject matter from the male perspective as generally used to seeing it from the female perspective.

Loved the element of mirroring the show and the hoover advert.

It’s very interesting, not like anything I’ve seen before.

Enjoyed the research and the hoover documentation. Really interesting to look at it from the male perspective and see where your female voice sits in it.

Really great scratch – loved it! Can’t wait to see the work’s development.

Nice balance of comedy and sincerity.

Great to see this angle on parenthood. So far the piece feels warm-hearted, light, accessible. Definitely interested to see where it goes from here and how the story develops.

Felt beautifully honest.

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