Proactive Pity Party

As individuals and organisations find out if their ACE emergency funding applications were successful, positive and negative news is flooding social media. We’re entering the Post-Emergency Funding Era.

In solidarity with all the independent individuals and organisations who were unsuccessful in accessing financial support through the emergency fund, we propose a collective Zoom meeting to help us all acknowledge the positions we find ourselves in and for initiating thoughts around how we might move forwards, both collectively and as individuals. 

If you think you’d find value in this, please join us. Feel free to share as much as you want to share, or just watch and listen – there is no pressure.

* Please note: this Zoom is not intended to offer legal advice about funding avenues, furlough or SEISS. If people have questions around these areas, we can collectively find someone who can help. 

Zoom date: Monday 15th June 2020 at 11am

To sign up for the meeting please e-mail Tina at with ‘PPP‘ in the subject line

Caring responsibilities, chaos, and pets in fully welcome in the video!

*title idea by Hannah Stone, Artistic Director of The Gramophones

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