Notnow Collective was founded in 2015 by two Croatian artist: Tina Hofman (performer, director) and Kristina Gavran (writer, dramaturge), out of necessity to make our caring roles visible and explore ways of integrating parenthood into both professional practice and quality theatre experience.

Our work is always inspired by our environment: sometimes by personal experiences, and sometimes by the intriguing stories we hear. So far we have been creating devised material, and currently we are working on a new writing piece (trying something new!). It is the collaborative process that we love the most: in creating the work we love to use many wondrous creatives.

Notnow are open to welcoming children and babies to the working process, taking delight at both chaos and order their presence can bring. Also, we offer BYOB (bring-your-own-baby) matinees to our audiences, making theatre accessible to parents and carers of small children.

Photo: Fernando