Notnow Collective aim to radically include parents and carers in the way we make and show our work.

We do this through BYOB (bring your own baby) rehearsals and performances. We also offer support to venues and arts organisations booking our work in organising creche facilities.

“I think this is a really accessible way in terms of getting the audiences who have young children to see the work. It is crucial for venues to say – here is family stuff that kids will really enjoy, but here is also adult work to which the kids can come too.”
Adam Pownall
Theatre Programmer & Producer at Hull Truck Theatre
“Baby-friendly performance made the show – and made me grin the whole way through – inclusion at its best.”
Audience Member
“A great experience. Not only was the show relatable but also it was great to be welcomed to space where my little baby could also come.”
Audience Member

Video made by Marcus Fernando, in the video appear Simon Garrington (with daughter Erin), Marcus Fernando, Kristina Gavran (with son Sebastian), Tina Hofman