Pepper and Honey is Notnow Collective’s freshest bun in the oven (pun intended!). We have been awarded Arts Council‘s funding for R&D, which is culminating in the preview show at Derby Theatre on 30th March 2019. Notnow is taking a bit of a turn with this show: we are about to start creating with Rural Touring in mind, and extending our parent-friendly set-up as we pilot a FREE creche alongside the show for older kids.

We have a fantastic rural touring expert and a wonderful director Tilly Branson joining us on this project, as well as Eleanor Field as designer, Jo McLeish will be leading our marketing campaign, and Corinne Salisbury will be looking after tour booking. 

“Pepper and Honey” is a solo multisensory piece, timed to perfection in order to deliver a perfect Pepper Biscuit. The baking of biscuits is intertwined with a story of migration, what makes place a home, leaving and returning, making and breaking family traditions. The show is performed in both English and Croatian, using Difference Engine to caption the show for both hard of hearing and D/deaf audiences, as well as to translate Croatian narration. Conceptually inspired by a baking workshop, the show offers a participatory and sensory experience, as it follows a story of migration of three generations in one family.

The story is told through the process of making paprenjaci (Croatian traditional pepper biscuits). Invented in the Renaissance, paprenjaci are a blend of local ingredients (honey, walnuts and olive oil) and spices from “discovered” continents (clove, cardamom and black pepper). The biscuits are made in front of (and with the help of) the audience, and the spicy-sweet story is woven throughout using text, physical theatre and baking.


We’ve shown our earliest ideas at Scratch That Itch at Derby Theatre, Pulse Festival’s Scratch Day, York Theatre Royal, Arc Stockton, and new a part of Camden People’s Theatre’s No Direction Home Festival