We want to explore the bedtime story ritual as a sense of a family. Knowing that some families do not have that ritual, we would like to give an opportunity to experience its magic.

What is a family? We believe that every person would give a different answer to this question. There is no strict definition on who makes a family or how we should feel with the family: two or ten member families, those cared for by a granddad or two mums, people with whom we argue at a Sunday dinner, or call long distance every weekend.

We invite the audience to lie down in our specially designed bed, snuggle and experience the story about a girl who was raised by a lion, a sheep and a monkey.

The performance will be equally relevant to adults and children. There are 5 audience places for each performance on our bed and for every performance the audience group might randomly create a new family. Whilst telling the story we will be creating a multi-sensory experience for the participants. Our aim is also to encourage as many individuals to keep telling stories, especially to the younger generations.