Notnow Collective BOSA project Micro-commissions

Notnow Collective is a migrant-led organisation based in Birmingham committed to amplifying work by migrant artists, telling stories through many languages and forms. 

With our latest project BOSA (‘barefoot’ in Croatian) we are exploring belonging through audio form.

We offered micro-commissions to inspire three young artists in re-thinking how we tell and experience stories and are thrilled to showcase their work on Saturday 16 July at Moseley Road Baths, Birmingham.

Julia Gruszczyńska: To Belong? From Outside to Insider

Zero Leo: Kupala Noc

Kallirroi Vratti: “The metallic birds were on a never ending journey. With them, is just the
sky and a girl”

Find out more about our micro-commissionees’

Zero Leo

Julia Gruszczyńska

Kallirroi Vratti