As a company we aim to challenge and extend the meaning of “family-friendly”, by creating theatre work for grown-ups to which babies are welcome.

Our shows Wonderwoman (2017) and DadMan (2018) welcomed babies of up to 18 months into our audiences. Our new piece Pepper & Honey is  welcoming babes-in-arms into the audience, whilst offering an on-site creche facility for the older babies/kids at the venues willing to try this option for their audiences!

Our own experience told us that parents and carers often stop considering themselves a theatre audience, and that family obligations put a big pause in going to ‘grown-up’ arts events.

We seek to challenge that gap with our BYOB (Bring-Your-Own-Baby) offer!

Notnow Collective has become an industry pioneer  in hosting ‘grown-up’ events  which welcome babies, and provide consultation for both venues and independent artists/companies who are curious and excited in trying out a BYOB.

“I think this is a really accessible way in terms of getting the audiences who have young children to see the work. It is crucial for venues to say – here is family stuff that kids will really enjoy, but here is also adult work  to which the kids can come too.” – Adam Pownall, Artistic Programmer and Participation Manager, Lincoln Drill Hall

“Baby-friendly performance made the show – and made me grin the whole way through – inclusion at its best.” – Audience member

“A great experience. Not only was the show relatable but also it was great to be welcomed to space where my little baby could also come.” – Audience member