Birth stories are a project in which we offer storytelling workshops and an opportunity to perform stories around the topic of birth. Notnow Collective is dedicated to exploration of parenthood and family in 21st century.

Birth stories are traditionally something that mothers might want to share. They are very intimate and personal, but then, sometimes so easily shared with complete strangers. Birth stories can be a lovely memento of our own birth. (e.g. I love hearing my mother’s story about being brought into this world). They can create new understanding between partners, cast a new light on our parents, forge new friendships and remind us of the value of old ones. They can also cast a new light on the amazing quality of our bodies and the immense power of partnership and intuition.


Birth stories can be light, but also dark. Positive birth stories should be told to empower women and their partners in knowing their choices and listening to their bodies.  Also, they celebrate and give insight into the father/partner’s participation and support and in this magical event. But, the negative birth stories should be told as well. They need to come out to help us face the choices we made (or were never allowed to make), or the darker power of nature. To help us come to terms with any form of pain and loss.

We want to encourage Birth Stories to be told in an event where a community comes together to share. They are true-life stories, and here we want to focus on (possibly) the biggest event in one’s life, whether in labouring the baby, or supporting the labouring woman. One does not to be a mother to tell a story: expectant mothers can speak about their dreams and fears, midwives and doulas can speak of supporting, partners can talk of their own experience in supporting a labouring woman and children can speak of seeing their mom in labour.