Thanks for joining us here. BOSA (‘barefoot’ in Croatian) is our new adventure.

We are a team of 4 creative collaborators: Jovana Backovic (Composer), Kristina Gavran (Storyteller), Tina Hofman (performance maker) and Katherina Radeva (Designer)

We got inspired by the lingering feeling of the summer on our bare feet. 

All the journeys we travelled.

All the places we left behind.

And, all those spaces that lie ahead…

Through the BOSA project we want to expand how stories are told and experienced. We are really keen on the stories from people who have moved from somewhere else to be where they are now.

You might be able to help us…

Below is a short 2-stage task:  a guided BOSA audio journey, and a link for your responses.

We invite you to listen and experience, and then jot down, or record some immediate thoughts and ideas and share them with us.

You will need:

  • Internet connection
  • A phone or computer to play the audio from and reach the link for notes
  • Headphones 
  • A quiet space
  • A chair to sit on
  • A notepad+pens, or similar if you like pictures more than words

So, let’s go…

Stage 1

We invite you to find a quiet space with a chair to sit on and headphones to listen through. Get comfortable and press play below for your guided audio. Please note – the audio will invite you to bare your feet.

Created by Tina Hofman and Kristina Gavran

Stage 2

Follow the survey link below to some questions and feedback. We will guide you through it. There is an opportunity within this form to attach photos of any doodles or audio files, you might have done, if you prefer jotting thoughts down that way.

You can also share your thoughts on our social media channels – Twitter, Instagram – please use #bosa

If you fancy some inspiring background music, why not try Jovana Backovic’s Meditations for Piano?

(The feedback will not be shared publicly and you will remain anonymous in your responses, unless chosen differently. No personal details collected or stored, unless you specifically share them with us and want to stay in touch by joining the Mailing List below.)