Notnow Collective was originally founded in 2015 by two Croatian artists, then based in Birmingham, UK: Tina Hofman (theatre-maker, performer, director) and Kristina Gavran (writer, dramaturge), out of necessity to make caring roles visible and explore ways of integrating parenthood into both professional practice and theatre/arts experience.

Since then, Kristina moved on to do a PhD in Storytelling, and Tina continued leading Notnow with the support from a brilliant team including Corinne Salisbury, Tilly Branson, Claire Bowdler and Hannah Stone.

Notnow‘s work is always inspired by the current environment: sometimes by personal experiences, and sometimes by the stories we hear around us.

Notnow Collective  strive to radically include parents in the way we work, and then way we experience arts: we often welcome children or babies to the working process, balancing both chaos and order their presence can bring. Also, we offer BYOB (bring-your-own-baby) performances to our audiences, making theatre accessible to parents and carers of small children.

Photo: Fernando