Children, chicken pox and creativity

 by Georgina Lee

I spent the day with Tina and Kristina of notnow Collective working on their upcoming show Wonderwoman: The Naked Truth.

The dynamic duo has been rustling up an innovative piece of theatre discussing their experience of motherhood and the challenges they have faced. One of those obvious challenges today was chicken pox; Tina’s son had caught them and not wanting to give them to Kristina’s son, a trip to the park sounded like a plan.

Whilst running through the grounds of Canon Hill Park, I came to realise how much energy you need to keep up with children, and I only spent an hour with him, I began to wonder how could you balance children and your career/lifestyle?4772

The two women have always been relaxed about having their children in the rehearsal room, and encourage the audience to bring their children along too, whatever happens happens!

Mothers are constantly being judged; breast or bottled-fed, stay at home or back to work, self-soothe or not? No matter what mothers pick there will always be someone who disagrees as you can’t please everyone. Who defines what makes a good mother and why should people care what others think?

The show is ever-changing and evolving as the rehearsal period goes on, and I am extremely excited to be a part of that.

Wonderwoman: The Naked Truth will be performed at mac Birmingham on:

Sunday 22nd May 2pm & 5pm

Tuesday 24th May 12pm & 8pm

(Matinees are baby friendly)

Head over to for tickets or for more information.