How long does it take for a child to break a pair of sunglasses?

by Georgina Lee

Turns out not actually that long, but it serves me right for giving them to the little one, eBay’s finest just could withstand his strength! With a new pair instantly purchased on my phone it was time to start rehearsals.

This week was the week when the director Hannah Silva would be working with us. It’s been really interesting to get a fresh pair of eyes on the piece and it’s developed dramatically with Hannah’s help.

Rehearsals are so much fun, not only because the show is brilliant but the way we all interact and share different stories, from breast-milk leaking everywhere to sex after children. We’re all so relaxed and open which is refreshing and I’ve learnt a lot about motherhood from Tina and Kristina.

The show is looking really good and there are beautiful moments which I love to watch and enjoy, I know the next week will be stressful in the run up to tech and dress rehearsals, but I’m ready for it.

I really recommend watching “Embarrassed” by Hollie Mcnish, which is a piece of spoken word about breastfeeding and how it is frowned upon.