Skype meeting with the producer

by Kristina Gavran

Friday morning I wake up knowing that at 1.30pm I have skype conference meeting with the producer Ruby Glaskin from In Good Company (did I tell you we are one of their new associate artists? Like, hundred times?). notnow Collective is finishing Arts Council application for the national tour of Wonderwoman (our first tour, we are super excited!) and we need advice from Ruby, who is an experienced producer. I am in Birmingham, Ruby works from Derby, and my colleague Tina is at the moment directing a show in London (Derby-Birmingham-London, what a perfect triangle!). So we will have Skype conference during the lunch break.

And what is the first thing I do to prepare for the meeting? I take my kid to the park, of course!

After cleaning, breakfast, dressing and convincing him to put on his shoes on, we are out around 9.30am. He is playing with his friends in the playground, chasing ducks, throwing leaves, climbing stairs, testing consistency of mud. And he is having plenty of fresh air.



Basically, my intention is to make him tired.

I take him home, give him lunch and at 1 o’clock put him to bed. He is resisting a bit, but eventually he falls asleep.

I sneak out of the bedroom, it is 1.20pm, just enough time for me to turn on the computer, find all the documents, prepare paper and pen for all the notes, and make myself a nice cup of coffee (with almond chocolate on the side).

1.30pm. I am on time, I am efficient and the meeting is super productive. Ruby gives us plenty of valuable advice, Tina is asking questions and I am making notes. I know Tina is taking her two boys to rehearsals, but I can’t see them on the video. I guess she has also planned the meeting from the early morning 🙂

We finish the meeting and I have enough time to write all the comments into our AC application, update activity plan, contact our sound designer, check how is our crowdfunding campaign going, and update our website.

I even start writing my monodrama (for another project), contact the director with a problem, we solve the problem and I continue writing.

Then I go to the kitchen, wash dishes and start making lasagne. And just when I was putting lasagne in the oven, I hear the cry and “Mama, mama!” from the bedroom.

I rush to my son to hug him and thank him for being such a good collaborator.

Some days go really smoothly.

Did I mention we are crowdfunding at the moment? Like, hundred times! It is important for us because we want to take Wonderwoman on tour! if you want to support us, here is the link where you can do it.