Pepper and Honey is Notnow Collective’s freshest idea and a new project in the making (and baking!). Notnow is taking a bit of a turn with this show: we are about to start creating with Rural Touring in mind, and extending our baby-friendly set-up into a full intergenerational community audience mix. We have a fantastic rural touring expert and a wonderful director Tilly Branson joining us on this project!

“Pepper and Honey” is a story about migration, different generations, making and breaking family traditions, tensions of Brexit and Mother’s Day, all delivered whilst cooking live on stage: our audience will leave the play having made traditional Croatian Paprenjaci (Pepper biscuits).

We’ve shown our earliest idea at Scratch That Itch at Derby Theatre in early March. Next we are sharing a bit more with the audiences at Pulse Festival’s Scratch Day, after which we are undergoing an R&D period. We are aiming to have the show fully baked by the end of the year, and on the shelves of rural touring venues next Spring. Watch this space for more info.